Optional science grade 10 SEE

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Table of content for class 10 science book Nepal

UnitTopicPage Number
6Current Electricity and Magnetism66
7Atomic structure90
8Periodic Table and Periodic Laws106
9Chemical Bonding125
11Organic Chemistry156
12Metals and Metallurgy166
14Cell Biology189
15Life and Life Processes220
18Applied Biology271
19The Earth285
20The Universe297
Table Of content

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Why 2 books on the same science subjects in SEE?

This is a good question because there is two science subject in class 10. One is a Compulsory subject and another is an optional subject. Science is a hard subject when you read in class 10. You mosta need to learn basic topic from science for using daily life so this is one of the compulsory subject. Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) also makes science an optional subject because if you want to read science at 11,12 it is beneficial.

How many units are in class 10 optional science books?

There are just 20 units in SEE opt science. The first unit’s name is force and the last unit’s name is the universe.

Who wrote SEE opt Science subjects content?

There is a total of 3 person who writes science subject for class 10 students. The written name is:

  • Mahendra Basnet
  • Chintamani Panthee
  • Ujwol Bhomi

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