Optional Mathematics Grade- 10 in English: New Syllabus maths book class 10

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In drawing out the course book here, the commitment of the Executive Head of the Curriculum Development Center (CDC) Krishna Prasad Kapri, Dr. Hridhaya Ratna Bajracharya, Umanath Lamsal, Baburam Gautam, Puspa Raj Dhakal, Devraj Gurung, Keshar Khulal, Manumaya Bhattrai. The content of the book was altered by Yubraj Adhikari. The language of the book was changed by Ramesh Prasad Ghimire. Jayaram Kuikel finished the design and craftsmanships of the book. CDC stretches out true because of every one of the individuals who have contributed to fostering this reading material. This course book contains various learning materials and activities which will assist students with accomplishing the ability and learning results set in the educational program. Every unit contains different intriguing exercises and the content is expected to significant student commitment and association. There is consistency in the introduction of the exercises which will unquestionably make it advantageous for the understudies. The educators, understudies, and different partners are supposed to offer productive remarks and ideas to make it a more helpful learning material.

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We often hear that math is a useful tool for solving problems in everyday life. But what does that actually mean? What are some specific examples of important math in life?

For starters, math is essential for managing finances. This includes everything from balancing a checkbook to investing in stocks and bonds. Basic arithmetic is also vital for budgeting – knowing how to calculate percentages, fractions, and decimals is crucial for making smart decisions with your money.

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How many units are in the optional math book?

There are just 8 units in this book.

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