Social Studies Grade 10 in Nepali: New syllabus SEE Class 10 Social Book: Samajik Adhyayan Grade 10

In class 10 social book, we learn about various topics related to our society. We learn about the history of our country and its culture. We also learn about the current social issues and how to deal with them. Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) makes this beautiful social studies book for class 10 students. In class 10 social book there are 9 Units. There are lots of sections in that unit also.

“Hami ra Hamro Samaj” is the first unit in this book and in this unit there are 4 more sections. The second unit topic is “bikash ra bikash ko purbadhar” which has 5 more sections and this start on page number 17. “Hamro Samajik mulya manyata” is the third unit of social studies nepali book. Unit four topic is “samajik samasya ra samadhan”. “Nagarik Chetana” topic in unit five. which is start from unit five. “Hamro Prithivi” topic is in unit six. Unit six starts from page number 103. “hamro bigat” topic is in unit seven. Unit 8 is all about “aarthik kriyakalap” Last unit is unit 9. Unit 9 topic is “hamro aantarastriya sambandha ra sahayog” . Which is start from page number 224.

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Is Class 10 Social Studies a compulsory subject?

Yes, This is the compulsory subject for class 10 students.

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