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This book is the most authentic and updated Curriculum of population book for SEE Student Nepal. It is a compilation of the census reports, village records, and other relevant data on the population. The last update book is in 2079, hence it includes both these years’ data.

Nepal’s total population was at 28,142,848 in 2021 and in 2022 Nepal’s population is over 29,192,480 We all know that Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia, occupying the Himalayan and other southern mountain ranges. The population of Nepal is over 29 million.

The data on Nepal’s population figures can be found in SEE Class 10 book. This book contains information such as population density, urbanization rates, natural increase rates, and manpower shortage rates for all 77 districts or zones of Nepal. The Population Book is a book that records the population, health, and much more information in Nepal. The new population and health book was published in 2078..

UnitTopicPage Number
1Population and population Education1
2Population policy and programs in Nepal17
3Population Change42
5Comprehensive Sexual Education79
6Family Life Education115
7Source of Population Data155
8Population and Sustainable Development169
9Population Analysis182

Nepal’s first census was done by Kings Prithvi Narayan Shah and his son, King Bir Bhadra Shah, in 1769-70. It is believed that the Population Book was compiled from data collected during this census. However, no original copy of the 1769 Census is left now. The Population Book is not just an important document for Nepal but also for South Asia as it was one of the first documents to record population data on such a large scale.

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About SEE Population Book

  1. Authors: Curriculum Development Centre, Author
  2. Material Type: Nepali text
  3. Publisher: Bhaktapur : CDC, 2079 BS
  4. Languages: Nepali
  5. Book For: SEE Students

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