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Math Book in English Grade 10

In the class 10 maths book, there is a total of 18 units. The first unit’s topic is Sets. The tax and Money Exchange chapter is in the second unit which starts on page number 15. Page number 27 is about Compound Interest which is in unit 3. Chapter 4 topic is about Population Growth and Depreciation which topic starts on page number 37. The plane Surface topic is in unit 5. Cylinder and Sphere start from page number 57 which is in unit 6.

Prism and Pyramid topic start from page number72 which is in chapter 7. On page number 101 SEE students read about Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple. Unit chapter topic is about Radical and Surd. Indices and Algebraic Fraction topics are in unit 10 and unit 11. The equation topic is on page number 140. Area of Triangles and Quadrilaterals topic is in chapter 13 which chapter starts from page number 153. Construction and Circle topic is in unit 14 and unit 15. The trigonometry topic is in unit 16. This unit starts from pages number 202 to 220. Unit 17 topic is Statistics. The last unity is Probability. Which starts from page number 251. In this mathematics book, students also can get answer sheets that start from page number 268.

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How many units are in SEE math Book?

There are just 18 units in this maths book pdf.

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