Nagarik Grade 10 SEE Book: Nagarik Book class 10 new syllabus

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Nagarik Book is one of the optional subjects for grade 10 Nepali students. There are total 10 units in this book first unit is about civics which have 4 more sections in this unit. The second unit is about government which unit start from page number 25. This third unit is about Constitution which have just a two sections. Constitution is in third unit which unit start from page number 38. This unit also have four more sections. The fourth unit is about Local, Provincial and Federal Level which is start from 71. All Book is in nepali language so very easy to read. Election Procedure topic is in unit 7 which page number is 90.

Political Parties is another topic for class 10 students which is in unit 8 and in this unit there are 2 sections in this unit. Unit 9 topic is Foreign Policy and International Organizations . this unit start from page number 116. And the last unit is Practical Work . Which have total 6 sections and this is very last unit for class 10 nagarik students.

UnitTopicPage Number
4Local, Provincial and Federal Level47
5Law and Legal Remedy Process71
6Election Procedure80
7Democracy and Human Rights90
8Political Parties108
9Foreign Policy and International Organizations116
10Practical Work139

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What is “Nagari” subject class 10 total marks?

Nagari book class 10 total full marks is 100.

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Yes, CDC Nepal provide free learning pdf for grade 10 students. enjoy.

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