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Nepal’s history is closely linked to its geography. The country is located in a strategic location between India and China. Nepal has been a crossroads for trade and migration for centuries. Nepal’s recorded history began in the 7th century BCE. The country was unified by the great king Prithvi Narayan Shah in the 18th century. Since then, Nepal has been ruled by a monarchy. In 1951 AD, Nepal became a constitutional monarchy. In 1960 AD, Nepal has declared a republic. In 1990, Nepal became a federal republic.

Nepal is a diverse country with many different ethnic groups. From Curriculum Development Centre Nepal make this history book clearly for class 10 Nepali students.

In this book, there is a total of seven units each unit has more than 2 sections. This book helps to learn the history of nepal. we provide you most recent Curriculum Development Centre book pdf file.

Book Info

  • Title: इतिहास कक्षा-१०
  • Authors: Curriculum Development Centre Nepal
  • Publisher: Bhaktapur : CDC, 2076 BS
  • Languages: Nepali
  • Total Units: 7

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