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Health and Physical Education

CDC(Curriculum Development Centre) Nepal recently update the class 7 health books we also provide you with a recent update class 7 health book in the Nepali language 2079. This book is in the Nepali language so the book name is “स्वास्थ्य, शारीरिक तथा सिर्जनात्मक कला कक्षा ७“.

In this book, there is a total of 13 units. the first unit title is the Human Body. From this unit, students can learn about the Digestive system, Respiratory system, Organs of the circulatory system, and many more systems with pictures. The Second unit topic is called Community Health and Mental Health. this unit is on page number 16. In this unit, students learn about Newborn baby care, Immunization service, Herbal Medicine, and many more thing relative to the topic. Unit 3 topic is Nutrition and Food Security. This unit starts from page number 32. In this unit, students learn about Types of nutrients, proteins, Vitamin, Minerals, Effects of junk foods, etc.

“Disease, Safety and First Aid” title is in unit 4. This unit starts from page number 42. In this unit, class 7 students learn about Diseases transmitted by air, Pharyngitis, Tonsillitis, etc in the Nepali language.”Sexual and reproductive health” topic is in unit 5 page number 59. This unit detail is about Sexuality, Sexuality Education, the Impact of taboos regarding menstruation, etc.

Unit 6 topic is “Physical Exercise and Drill” which is on page number 70 and unit 7 total is called “Athletics and Adventurous Activities”. “Games” is in unit 8 which page number is 86. In this unit class, 7 students learn about different types of games like Volleyball, football, cricket, etc. Unit 9 topic is called “Yoga”. which is on page number 100. Unit 10 topic is “Introduction to Arts, Line art and Colour”. page number there are another 11 units whose topic is “Print Making, Clay work, Collage, and Construction”. “Singing and Playing Instrument” title is in unit 12. The last unit in this book is “Dance and Acting”. which starts from page number 148.

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How many units are in this book?

There are just 13 units in this health Nepali book.

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