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Compulsory English Book

The educational plan and curricular materials have been created and changed on a customary premise fully intent on making training objective-arranged, pragmatic, pertinent, and work arranged. Ingraining the sensations of nationalism is vital, public trustworthiness and majority rule soul in the understudies and outfit them with profound quality, discipline and independence, inventiveness, and mindfulness.

UnitTopicPage Number
1Giving, Withholding, and Reporting Permission1
2Reporting Statements13
3Reporting Questions23
4Reporting Commands34
5Giving Advice and Warnings48
6Expressing Conditions (I)59
7Expressing Conditions (II)71
8Asking for Reasons, Purposes, and their Responses83
9Expressing Unexpected Results94
10Describing Events107
11Expressing Preferences119
12Talking about Personal Experience133
13Talking about the Past (I): Narrating Past Events145
14Talking about the Past (II): Interrupted Continuous Action154
15Talking about the Past (III): Comparing Past and Present165
16Confirming and Denying174
17Agreeing and Disagreeing183
18Indicating time and Motions192
19Interpreting Tables and Charts203

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How many units are in class 10 English book?

There are 19 units is in class 10 English books in Nepal.

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