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This book is in Nepali language name called “नैतिक शिक्षा कक्षा ८”. This book is designed by CDC (Curriculum Development Centre) Nepal. In this book, there is a total of 5 sections. Each section has 3 units. if you need more class 8 books please visit book364.

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Moral education is an important part of every person’s development. It helps students learn about right and wrong, good and bad, and the consequences of their actions. It is also important for students to learn how to think ethically and to make responsible decisions.

The purpose of moral education is to help students become good people. Good people are compassionate, tolerant, and honest. They are also responsible citizens who respect the rights of others. Moral education can help students learn these important values.

Moral education should be part of the school curriculum in every country. It is important for students to learn about right and wrong, good and bad.

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