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Class 8 English Book Guide

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Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) Nepal makes class 8 English books a compulsory subject for all grade 8 students.

Book Information

Director of CDC
1. Mr. Diwakar Dhunge
2. Prof. Dr. Chandreshor Mishra
3. Dr. Bal Mukunda Bhandari,
4. hambhu Prasad Dahal,
5. Dr. Rishi Ram Rijal,
6. Ganga Dhar Hada
7. Sita Sharma
8. Homnath Amgain

Book edited by
1. Chandra Kanta Bhusal
2. Bishnu Prasad Parajuli
3. Nim Prakash Singh Rathaur

Table of content in PDF

UnitTitlePage Number
2An Expedition11
3Business and Commerce23
8Dangers of Junk Food80
9Moral Stories90
10Habits and Behaviour100
11Games and Sports111
12District Profile121
13Childhood Memories131
14Graphs and Charts140
16Fairy Tales162
17Forms and Cheques170
18Dictionary Use180

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Because it is widely spoken and used in both business and education, English is a significant language in Nepal. In Nepal, the majority of university-level instruction is delivered in English, as are many of the schools. Additionally, English is the language of many official and government documents. Therefore, success in many facets of life in Nepal depends on having a solid command of the English language.

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Class 8 English Guide

Ways with words

  1. Fill in the gaps with the correct words from the list below.

(a) We can live with a Gurung family in a homestay and learn their culture.

(b) We can stay a night in this picturesque village. It reminds us of our culture.

(c) organic foods are produced without using chemicals.

(d) During the school vacation, many city people like to visit the countryside.

(e) Ghantu Dance, Krishna Charitra, Jhankri Dance and Lama Dance are the

 common cultural dances of the Gurungs in Ghale Gaun.

(f) I was exhausted from the day’s continuous walk.

Class 8 guide pdf

2.     Match the words in column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’.

  • impression-  a feeling that one gets about something or somebody
  • destination- a place where somebody is going
  • thrilled- overjoyed
  • hospitality- friendly and generous behaviour towards guests
  • inhabitant- a person that lives in a particular place

Read and answer

1.    Read the text again and answer these questions.

(a) Where did the writer go on holiday?

Answer: The Writer went to ghale gaun holiday.

(b) How many members were there on the journey? Who were they?

Answer: There were 3 members on the journey, They were the writer, his father, and his mother. 

(c)Where was the writer from?

Answer: The Writer was from Birgunj.


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This is the class 8 guide pdf.

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Who wrote the class 8 English book

Chandra Kanta Bhusal and 2 other people wrote this beautiful class 8 English book

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who is CDC Nepal

CDC Nepal stands for the Company Development Center Nepal. It is a government-owned organization that was established to promote and support the development of companies in Nepal.

How to download the class 8 English book

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