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Environment Science Class 9

This Environmental Science book is in the Nepali language book name called “वातावरण विज्ञान”. Curriculum Development Centre Nepali designed this book. This book is just an optional subject for class 9 students. In this book, there is a total of 10 units.

Environment science involves understanding the effects of human activity on the natural world. There are many different types of environmental scientists, including ecologists, meteorologists, geographers, oceanographers, environmentalists, anthropologists, sociologists, biologists, chemists, economists, physicists, mathematicians, and others.

UnitsTopicPage Number
1Introduction to Environment1
2Ecology and Ecosystem11
3Natural Resources and Biodiversity of Nepal29
4Environmental Pollution57
5Climate Change and its Impact89
6Alternative Energy100
7Environment and Sustainable Development116
8Environmental Health135
9Natural Hazard and Disaster Management142
10Environment Management162

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