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Compulsory English Class 9 PDF 2079

English book is a compulsory subject for grade 9 students who live in Nepal. This book is recently updated by CDC (Curriculum Development Centre) nepal. Travel and Holidays is the first unit of class 9. Health and Hygiene is the second unit.

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Unit – 1 Travel and Holidays

Unit – 2 Health and Hygiene

Unit – 3 Family, Market and Public Places

Unit – 4 Life and Death

Unit – 5 Ethics, Norms and Values

Unit – 6 Custom and Culture

Unit – 7 Ecology and Environment

Unit – 8 Science and Technology

Unit – 9 Work and Leisure

Unit – 10 The Earth and Space

Unit – 11 Gadgets and Instruments

Unit – 12 People and Places

Unit – 13 Organisation Profile and Authority

Unit – 14 History and Civilisation

Unit – 15 People and Lifestyle

Unit – 16 Games and Sports

Unit – 17 Global Warming and Climate Change

Unit – 18 Transportation and Communication

Table of content

UnitTopicPage Number
1Travel and Holidays1
2Health and Hygiene13
3Family, Market, and Public Places27
4Life and Death38
5Ethics, Norms, and Values52
6Custom and Culture65
7Ecology and Environment79
8Science and Technology93
9Work and Leisure107
10The Earth and Space120
11Gadgets and Instruments132
12People and Places145
13Organization Profile and Authority158
14History and Civilisation169
15People and Lifestyle185
16Games and Sports198
17Global Warming and Climate Change210
18Transportation and Communication224
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Class 9 English Guide

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Unit 1
Travel and Holidays
Look at the pictures and talk about them.
1st image
Chitwan National Park

2nd image
Burj Khalifa, Dubai

3rd image
Lumbini, Nepal

4th image
Taj Mahaj, India

Reading I
Look at the picture and answer the questions.
(similar picture that is in the book)

a. What do you think the man in the picture is doing?
Answer – He is doing Yoga.

b. Are you planning to travel or go on a holiday this
Answer – “Answer yourself with a help of a teacher”

Poon Hill Yoga Trek in Nepal
A. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B.
column A column B
a. magnificent—————————– vi. extremely attractive and impressive
b. glaciers———————————- v. rivers of ice
c. hotspot———————————– vii. a place of significant activity
d. astonished—————————— ii. surprised; amazed
e. enchanting—————————— i. charming
f. flora and fauna———————— iii. plants and animals
g. perennial——————————- iv. throughout the entire year

B. Circle the correct answer.
a. What are the visitors expected to achieve the most in this package holiday?
Answer –
i. enjoyment of panoramic views of mountain and landscapes
ii. plenty of physical activity in the lap of nature
iii. self-transformation with Yoga in serene hill stations
Answer – iii. self-transformation with Yoga in serene hill stations

b. What will the visitors do on the first day of their tour?
i. go to Pokhara
ii. discuss the programme
iii. practise Yoga for an hour
Answer – ii. discuss the programme

c. Where will they stay on the fourth day?
i. at Tikhedhunga
ii. at Banthanti
iii. at Ghorepani
Answer – ii. at Banthanti

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How many units are in this PDF Book?

There are just 18 units in this class of 9 English books.

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