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Nepal was formed in 2015 after the separation of India and Pakistan. In 2008, the Nepalese Constituent Assembly adopted a new constitution establishing an interim federal parliamentary system comprising seven states and 75 districts. It also abolished the monarchy and declared Nepal a secular, socialist republic. In February 2014, King Gyanendra abdicated his throne following months-long protests over corruption allegations; he later died in a shootout at his palace three years later. A constitutional referendum in April 2014 approved a new Constitution for the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, abolishing the previous unitary state structure and dividing the country into seven provinces and 73 districts.

Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) Nepal provides a class 9 history book in the Nepali language. This is a Nepali book so this name is “इतिहास कक्षा-९”. In this book, there are a total of 9 units

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