Class 6 Naitik Book Notebook: Grade 6 Naitik Book Teacher Guide

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Class 6 Naitik Book Notebook

Moral education is a process of teaching about morality. There are many different perspectives on what constitutes good moral behavior. From the perspective of the individual, it is often referred to as character building; however, from a societal standpoint, it is seen as socialization.

In order for a child to become a moral person, he or she needs to understand the difference between right and wrong. To start, children are naturally curious and want to know if something is right or wrong. In order to show them the distinction, parents should model appropriate behaviors and explain why doing things right is good. As children get older, they begin taking responsibility for themselves. Young adolescents need to learn how to behave responsibly and respect others. Parents should guide their children through this process by setting clear boundaries and explaining the consequences. An adolescent who does not develop proper morals will eventually face problems in adulthood.

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Grade 6 Naitik Book Teacher Guide

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