[Download PDF] Science and environment Grade 7 New Book 2079 in Nepali: Class 7 science book

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Table of Content

UnitUnit TitlePage Number
1Scientific Learning1
2Information and Communication Technology12
3Living Beings and Their Structure50
4Biodiversity and Environment83
5Life Process96
6Force and Motion108
7Energy in Daily Life127
8Electricity and Magnetism164
10Materials Used in Daily Life203
11Earth and space224

CDC Nepal recently update the class 7 science book in 2079. We also update our post and provide you with a recent class 7 science book in the Nepali language. If you need an English language PDF please visit book364.

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Class 7 Science Book PDF

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Class 7 Science Book Virtual Class Video

How many units are in this class 7 science book?

In this book, there are just 11 units

Class 7 Science Book Nepal is a comprehensive guide to the fundamental concepts of science. This book provides a straightforward and comprehensive guide to the fundamental concepts of science, covering the topics of chemistry, earth, energy, physics, and biology. The book is divided into six sections, each covering a different topic area. The book is designed to help students develop an understanding of the scientific method, understand the principles of science, and develop critical thinking skills. The book is also packed with activities and questions to help students learn and practice the scientific method.

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