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The educational program and curricular materials are created and changed consistently with the point of making training objective-arranged, commonsense, important, and work situated. It is important to ingrain the sensations of patriotism, public trustworthiness, and vote-based soul in understudies and outfit them with profound quality, discipline, and confidence, imagination, and care. Creating in them the etymological and numerical skills is fundamental, information on science, data and correspondence innovation, climate, wellbeing also, populace and fundamental abilities.

It is additionally important to acquire them the sensation of protecting, what’s more, advancing expressions and feelings, humanistic standards, values, and goals. It has turned into the need right now to make them mindful of regard for nationality, orientation, incapacities, dialects, religions, societies, territorial variety, basic liberties, and social qualities in order to make them competent and mindful residents. This reading material for grade ten understudies as discretionary English has been created in accordance with the Secondary Level Optional English Educational program, 2074 to fortify information, understanding abilities (serious and broad) in English language and writing, and to give openness to assortments of artistic works.

It is finished by consolidating the proposals and criticism acquired through studios, classes, and collaboration programs. The course book is composed by Mr. Bishnu Singh Rai, Mrs. Maya Rai, and Mr. Madhu Upadhyaya. In Bringing out the course book here, the commitment of the Director General of CDC Mr. Keshav Prasad Dahal, and the Section Chief Mr. Tuk Raj Adhikari is exceptionally recognized. Essentially, the commitment of Prof. Dr. Bal Mukanda Bhandari, Dr. Ganga Ram Gautam, Dr. Gopal Prasad Pandey, Mr. Purna Bahadur Lamichhane, and Mr. Gangadhar Hada, Mr. Mahendra Kumar Shrestha and Mrs. Rani Jha are likewise momentous.

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The substance, as well as the language of this book, was altered by Mr. Nim Prakash Singh Rathaur, Nabin Kumar Khadka, and Shankar Adhikari. The delineation, as well as the format plan of this book, was finished by Mr. Khados Sunuwar. The Center broadens earnest thanks to every one of the people who have added to fostering this course reading. The CDC might likewise want to recognize every one of the wellsprings of the materials utilized in this book.

Table of content in SEE opt English book

SectionTopicPage Number
1History of English Literature1

How many units are in the Class 10 non-fiction section?

There is a total of 9 units in this 2nd section.

How much Poetry is in SEE optional English book?

Poetry is in section 3. Which starts from pages number 100 to 132. there is a total of 13 units in this section.

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