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Educational plan Development Center Nepal (CDC) modifies educational plans and reading material consistently to answer the requirements and assumptions of the nation and to accomplish the objectives of instruction. The new Basic Level Curriculum (Grades 1-3) created in a coordinated methodology depends on the core values of the National Curriculum Framework 2019. Both the educational plan and the exercise manual of grade three were directed in 100 schools the nation over in the scholastic year 2077 BS.

Table of Content

UnitTopicPage NumberNumber of Lessons
1Before you begin10
2Me and My Family65
3My Daily Life365
4My School715
5Our Environment995
6My Belongings1283
7Our Culture1523
8Communication Technology and Market1733
9Fruits and Vegetables1922
10Hobbies and Interests2072
11Birds and Animals2182
12Word List2340
13Learning Progression Chart2390

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