[Download PDF] Class 1 My English Guide: Grade 1 English Book Teacher Guide

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Table of content in the guide

SectionTopicPage Number
1About the Teacher’s Book1
2Me and My Family50
4Me and My Family279
5My Daily Life288
6Our School315
7Our Environment340
8My Belongings358
9Our Culture375
10Communication, Technology, and Market386
11Fruits and Vegetables400
12Hobbies and Interests415
13Birds and Animals425

Teacher Guide Class 1 My English

This PDF Book contains 108 lessons such as Head and Shoulders, I See with My Eye, Brush Your Teeth, I Can Jump, I’m Happy, Seven Days, etc. Come Here lesson is on page number 317. I’m Pawan topic is in lession 82.

Educational plan, course reading, and educator’s aide are an instructor’s base instruments and assets. These assets make showing learning exercises smooth in the homeroom. This educator’s aide has been created to help the educators show English in Grade one. It contains a detailed portrayal of how the English educator is supposed to do English language learning exercises in the study hall concerning the illustrations in the reading material.

Class 1 My English Student Guide

This PDF book is special for class 1 teachers and this book is also helpful for class 1 Nepali students. If you searching for class 1 MY English textbook visit this link.

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