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This is one of the compulsory subjects for class 6 students. There are a total of 18 units in this book with a glossary section.

This course reading, at first composed byProf.Dr. Arun Gupto,Mr. Khagendra Prasad Nepal,Mr. Sedunath Dhakal andMr. Shankar Paudel, has been modified by a group of specialists-Dr. Gopal Prasad Pandey,Mr. Shankar Adhikari,Mr. Nabin Kumar Khadka,Mr. Nim Prakash Singh Rathaur,Mr. Parshu Ram Tiwari,Mr. Raju Shrestha,Mr. Pashupati Pandey andMr. Ananda Dhungana. The course reading was steered for the entire time in 2077 BS and the update has been made grounded on review and reflections got from preceptors. reflections from different mates have also been flashed back for the reading material. A many group prominently-Mr. Ana Prasad Neupane,Mr. Keshab Prasad Dahal,Prof.Dr. Bal Mukunda Bhandari,Dr. Ganga Ram Gautam,Ms. Rani Jha,Mr. Purna Bahadur Lamichhane,Mr. Mahendra Kumar Shrestha,Mr. Tuka Raj Adhikari andMr. Madhav Prasad Ghimire have contributed a great deal in drawing out the book then.

The delineations are finished byMr. Dev Koimee and the format plan byMr. Khados Sunuwar and Mr. Santosh Kumar Dahal. The Curriculum Development Center stretches out genuine appreciation to every one of them. The Center might likewise want to fete every one of the sources where the textbooks and undertakings are recovered from and acclimated.

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