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Class 4 Science Book

One of the most important characteristics of this book is that the contents of My Science, Health, and Physical Education are presented and kept separately. Various pictures and activities are included to make this textbook more activity-based and student-centered. Similarly, teaching instructions are also given to facilitate teachers in their teaching. This book (Nepali version) was originally written by Ms. Durga Regmi in 2052 BS. In accordance with the revised curriculum of the primary level, the portion of Science was revised by Mr. Chitra Prasad Devkota, Mr. Ram Prasad Subedi, Mr. Dambar Dhwoj Angdambe, and Ms. Achala Thapa, Mr. Nanda Kaji Shrestha, Shankar Paudel, Mr. Balkrishna Chapagai, and Ms. Nanu Dawadi. However, in the case of the revision of Health and Physical Education, Ms. Binti Shrestha, Shailesh Acharya, Mr. Bigyan Khanal, Mr. Balaram Nepali, and Ms. Suna Sharma were involved. The art editing and layout concept of this book was done by Shreehari Shrestha by making it four colors. CDC would like to thank all those who contributed to developing this book.

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