[Download PDF] Science grade- 9 in English

read class 9 science book in English

Grade 9 compulsory science book in English

class 9 science book is one of the compulsory subjects for class 9 students. If you are class 9 students you must read to learn science books in either Nepali or English language. The total mark for this subject is 100.

The measurement topic is in unit 1. Force and Machine topics are in unit 2 and unit 3. Work, Energy and Power topic is in unit 4 which unit starts from page number 37. On page number 46 class 9 students read about Light in detail. Unit 6 topic is Sound. Unit 7 starts on page number 70 which topic is about Current Electricity and Magnetism. Classification of Elements topic is on page number 81. Chemical Reaction and Solubility topics are on page number 96 and page number 105. The last unit of this book topic is The Earth in the Universe.

UnitsTopicPage Number
4Work, Energy, and Power37
7Current Electricity and Magnetism70
8Classification of Elements81
9Chemical Reaction96
11Some Gases118
13Carbon and its compounds145
15Chemical fertilizers used in Agriculture164
16Classification of Plants and Animals171
17Adaptation of Organisms192
19Sense Organs224
21Nature and Environment243
22Natural Hazard253
23Green House263
24The Earth in the Universe271

Read science books in the English language

just flip the paper and read grade 9 science books in Nepali languages.

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Is there any easy mobile application for reading the class 9 science book?

Yes, If you have an android mobile this is easy to download and read class 9 science book in the English language. Just go to this link

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